Greengo Festival Pack King Size Slim Rolling Papers


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Greengo Festival Pack King Size Slim

Greengo Festival Pack King Size Slim – Are you looking for a complete set to take to a festival, the campsite or to give as a present? Then the Greengo Festival Pack 3 in 1 with Greengo king-sized smart rolling papers , FLY conical tips and a built-in rolling tray is perfect for you.

22 x 33 Greengo KSS rolling papers, 32 FLY Filter Tips and rolling tray!

  • Unbleached
  • Recycled
  • Natural
  • Pure

The Greengo Festival Pack is ideal for use on the go. The package changes into a rolling tray when it is opened. With the conical filter tips it is very easy to turn a cone. And because of the magnetic closure your tuxedo gear in the Greengo Festival Pack remains undamaged.

The Festival Pack 3 in 1 is equipped with Greengo King Size Slim rolling paper with the ideal thickness of 14 gr / m2. Greengo rolling paper is made from genuine unbleached paper and the dyes used in the packaging are 100% biodegradable and derived from organic material. The adhesive edge of all our Greengo rolling papers is made from 100% gum arabic. Better for the environment and for you!

Greengo: Inspired by nature’s gift

  • Greengo rolling paper is produced from FSC approved pulp
  • Greengo paper has the ideal thickness of 14 gr / m2
  • Adhesive edge of 100% gum arabic
  • Proud winner of the European Product Awards 2011
  • The package is made from 200 gr / m2 recycled paper