Greengo King Size Slim Rolling Papers


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Greengo King Size Slim Rolling Papers

Greengo King Size Slim Rolling Papers – Greengo King Size Slim is the proud winner of the European Product Awards 2011! Why did this honor come to this innovative rolling paper?

Unbleached paper

Forget all other brands long rolling papers, because Greengo King Size Slims are the best paper, made from natural, unbleached paper. You can even taste the difference! Put another flow on your tongue, and then Greengo, then you will immediately notice the difference.


  • 33 sheets of paper per package
  • 50 packages in a display
  • King Size Slim (110 x 44 mm)

This beautiful brown paper is produced from FSC approved paper pulp. The leaflets have the ideal thickness of 14 gr / m2. The package is made from 200 gr / m2 recycled paper. Better for the environment! The adhesive edge is made of 100% gum arabic. This is the most natural way to stick your paper.

The rolling paper is 100% TCF (Totally Chlorine Free), really unbleached paper. Many other brands claim to use this, but Greengo actually does this.

Pure natural papers for a pure natural smoke!