Greengo Slim Rolls


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Greengo Slim Rolls

Greengo Slim Rolls – Greengo rolling paper is made of real unbleached paper!

Environmentally friendly rolling paper

  • Greengo rolling paper is produced from FSC approved pulp;
  • Greengo paper has the ideal thickness of 14 gr / m2;
  • The package is made from 200 gr / m2 partly recycled paper. Better for the environment!
  • The adhesive edge is made of 100% gum arabic. This is the most natural way to stick your paper.

‘Pure natural papers for a pure natural smoke’

  • 4 meters of rolling paper per package;
  • 24 packages in a display;
  • King Size Slim. (44mm);
  • Greengo rolling paper is the proud winner of the European Product Awards 2011!